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OpenView wins Network World's Clear Choice Award

Network World awarded HP the Clear Choice Award for OpenView's excellent network discovery, root-cause problem analysis, task automation, responsive and intuitive user interface and scalability. The award was won in competition with both BMC and PerformanceIT. Neither CA nor IBM found it possible to present any appropriate solution candidates for this test.

Read the whole test at Network World's website.

HP Software Forum remains

HP World may be kaput. But the annual software-oriented conference run by the OpenView Forum International user group will still be held as a separate event next June, following the reversal of a decision to make it a part of HP's new conference.

The OVFI's board initially voted unanimously last month to hold HP Software Forum 2006 within the HP Technology Forum. But later in June, the board rescinded that vote after HP agreed to continue supporting a separate conference, OVFI Executive Director Sandra Potter and Treasurer Joe Gersch said last week.

The OVFI and the managers of HP's software unit decided that the needs of OpenView users and the user group's ability to meet those needs "are much better served by having a software-specific conference," Potter said via e-mail.

The location and dates of HP Software Forum 2006 have yet to be determined. That information will be announced in late August, according to an online newsletter that was posted on the OVFI's Web site on July 15.

In the newsletter, the OVFI said it will support the inaugural HP Technology Forum in September as a venue for OpenView users who need training in other areas. Whether the OVFI will take part in HP's conference next year will be decided at a later date, said Gersch, a consultant based in Loveland, Colo.

David Parsons, an HP vice president, said OVFI members "made a pretty strong case" for continuing the HP Software Forum as a separate show. The conference "will be held for many years down the road, absolutely," Parsons said.

ITUG, a group for users of HP's NonStop systems, will go ahead with the ITUG Summit 2005 in October, said Chairman Richard Buckle. The group will have "a very small presence" at HP's event, he added.

OpenView Operations for Windows 7.5 is shipping!

OpenView Operations for Windows (ovow) 7.5 has now passed verification, and is finally shipping. Customers with a running support contract can either download the new version from, or order it from the same site or from their customer contact. Due to big demand, Managon reckons that longer delivery times than usual can be expected. Downloading the image files would therefore be recommended, if you want to get hold of them asap.

The following text has been copied from the customer letter, that is being distributed with the installation cd's:

With version 7.5, enterprise capabilities, ease of use, and automation have been significantly enhanced. In addition, a sophisticated manager of manager concept is incorporated.

  • Extended enterprise management capabilities
    - Management server cluster failover
    - Virtual system support (via respective HP OpenView Smart Plug-ins)
    - Extended heterogeneous platform support
  • Sophisticated manager of manager concept
    - Full message synchronization between multiple management servers
    - Enhanced HP OpenView Operations for UNIX integration
  • Enhanced automation and ease of use
    - Simplified Service/Process Monitoring
    - Simple Message Correlation through Message Counters
    - Node prerequisite checks
    - Message driven policy configuration
  • Extended application integration capabilities
    - More command line tools and VBScript enabled automation
    - Database documentation
    - Programming APIs
  • Added HP OpenView integration certifications
    - HP OpenView Operations 8.x for UNIX
    - HP OpenView Internet Services 6.0
    - HP OpenView Network Node Manager 7.5
    - HP OpenView Reporter 3.6
    - HP OpenView Service Information Portal 3.2
    - For the complete list of supported HP OpenView integrations, please see the release notes document in the media package
New and Updated Smart Plug-ins:
- Microsoft Active Directory B.03.10 Upgraded
- Microsoft Exchange B.09.00 Upgraded
- Microsoft Enterprise Servers B.04.51 Upgraded
- Microsoft SQL Server B.09.01 Upgraded
- Microsoft Windows® O/S B.08.75 Upgraded
- Microsoft Virtual Server B.01.00 New
- IBM DB2 B.02.10 Upgraded
- Oracle® B.09.01 Upgraded
- Sybase B.09.01 Upgraded
- Informix B.09.01 Upgraded
- Peoplesoft B.02.20 Upgraded
- SAP B.09.01 Upgraded
- WebLogic B.04.01 New
- IBM WebSphere B.04.01 New
- Remedy B.01.10 New
- BEA Tuxedo B.02.55 New
- UNIX® OS B.03.15 Upgraded
- WebServers B.04.31 Upgraded

Please note, the new and updated Smart Plug-ins included in this update package are not supported with HP OpenView Operations 7.21 for Windows or earlier versions.

ovow 7.5 has gone into production

The OpenView operations for Windows (ovow) 7.5 cd's has today gone into production. When the cd's return from production, and pass verification, they will start shipping. At that time ovow 7.5 can also be downloaded from the HP evaluation software download site.

A list of news in this version can be seen in the flashing footer on our main page (press the Home tab, on the top of this page, to get there).

Managon moves offices to Salabacksgatan

NOVEMBER 8, 2004
Managon has now moved to a new location in Uppsala. The complete address is: Managon, Salabacksgatan 20B, SE-754 32 Uppsala.

The phone numbers and email addresses are the same as before, and all postal mail will be forwarded for one year.

Managon has obtained the HP Certified Instructor (HPCI) Award!

Frank W. Mortensen of Managon has today been awarded the highly demanding HP Certified Instructor award. Starting at the end of 2004, this certification is required for all instructors who are to give training at any of HP's Authorized Training Centers, including HP's own customer courses.

The new certification program puts a great deal of demand on the instructors, as well as providing access to the required information resources, to make sure that they keep themselves up-to-date wihtin the areas and products that they teach.

Network Node Manager 7.5 is shipping

Network Node Manager has gone into production, and can now be ordered from hp. Customers with a valid support contract with hp, are eligible to a free upgrade.

The installation image can also be downloaded from here (requires an HP Passport account, which can be created online, for free). Without a valid license key, the downloaded product can be used for evaluation purposes for 60 days.

News in this this version include support for MS SQL Server in Advanced Edition, VLAN and HSRP support in Overlapping Address Domain ("Duplicate IP") environments and support for Windows 2003.

Network Node Manager (NNM) 7.5 will start shipping in a few days!

Network Node Manager 7.5 has unfortunately been slightly delayed, but according to sources at HP, the cd's have now gone into factory production, and will start shipping in just a few days! Stay tuned with Managon for more information.

Network Node Manager 7.5 is out shortly!

According to presenters at the HP Software Forum conference in Montreal, Canada, Network Node Manager 7.5 will be out in July.

OpenView Operations (ovow) 7.21 Released

OpenView Operations (ovow) 7.21 is released, and available for order or download. Some of the news in this version includes:

  • Enhanced web GUI, with service-state views
  • Enhanced message browser performance
  • Integrated knowledge base support
  • Support for local or remote MS SQL Server database
  • Support for replicated management servers
  • Cluster service visualization
  • Exchange cluster reporting

The complete installation image can be downloaded from here (requires user registration). The same image can be used both by existing/licensed customers, and for evaluation purposes.

Managon launches its new website

Managon launches its brand new website, developed by Epizoom Multimedia Design in Oslo.

Managon is proud to present its new web site, crafted by professionals, and in accordance with the design profile developed especially for us. Managon believes in the importance of a thorough and consistent design, covering as many sides of a company’s external communications as possible.

When building a new brand name, the most important factor surely is (the customers’ perception of) the quality of the products and services delivered. We nonetheless believe that “wrapping it all” in to a neat and unified design, will assist the customers in visualizing this perception, and helping them to recognize it (consciously or subconsciously), in their later contact with the company.

Managon undertakes its first two official assignments, delivering instructor services for HP Sweden

STOCKHOLM, JAN. 12, 2004
Managon delivers instructor services on behalf of HP Sweden, in the two 5-day customer courses "HP OpenView NNM 1 on Unix/Windows" and "HP OpenView NNM 2 on Unix/Windows". The courses are hosted by Hewlett-Packard, in their classroom facilities at Kista, Stockholm, for customers and channel partners throughout Sweden. Please check out for more information on hp's education services.






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